Thursday, July 12, 2012

NYC City Sweets Summer 2012 Collection

Thanks to a swapper friend (shout out to Karen!) I was able to acquire the entire City Sweets collection.  For some reason, my local CVS, Walmarts, and Dollar Stores did not have any of these little beauties.  They each take three thin coats or two thick coats for full coverage, but the color play off is worth it.  Being Quick Dry polishes certainly helps plead their case as well.

The names are, from left to right, Mint Macaroon, Lavender Cupcake, City Sweets Pink and Peaches N'Cream.  They are all lovely!

City Sweets Collection 2012

Lavender Cupcake
City Sweets Pink with Revlon Lights topcoat
Do you own any NYC polishes? What do you think of them??

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