Monday, July 9, 2012

MaoNicure Monday: NYC City Sweets Lavender Cupcake

It's Monday...again.  Let's start our week with a cute picture of my kitteh, Mao!

She is helping me show off NYC's Lavender Cupcake, one of the four City Sweets Summer 2012 collection.  I originally wanted the Peach from this collection and a lovely woman I met swapping (thanks Karen!) found the elusive peach for me.  She also sent me the others in the collection, which was as sweet as the colors in this collection.  :)

The formula of NYC polish is streaky and requires three coats to even out the formula.  I love it with a matte because I feel like the matte helps to seal the color.  Considering the $2 or so price point, it is a decent brand with some fairly unique colors.  I wish I could find it in stores near me, but alas, I have luckily been able to rely on the kindness of strangers (fans myself, Scarlett-style) to get these.  I will do a post showing all 4 soon!

Her blue eyes look nice with my lilac polish!
Milani Gold Nail Art for the reverse french manicure
Have you tried NYC polishes?  I forgot to mention they are quick dry!  This is a huge plus for a girl who cannot sit still for long, like meeeee!!!!

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  1. I can't find the City Sweets collection anywhere near me - it's so weird! Loving this color! :)


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