Monday, June 4, 2012

Nail Mail! Featuring: NEW Lynnderella!

I get my packages delivered to my office instead of my apartment for a couple reasons.  First, since I am at the office, I get instant gratification.  I can open the package and ogle it's contents even before I get home.  Secondly, it's just safer and more convenient.  I live in an apartment complex and if the package didn't fit in the itty bitty slot, it would either be left at my door (bad idea) or left with my landlord, who isn't very...consistent with her schedule, let's say.

Anyway, this morning, two lovely packages were waiting for me!  What a way to make Monday a little better, right??

The first package contained a few items I bought from a blog sale.  I've wanted Revlon's Whimsical for a while, but didn't want to pay the drugstore price until I found a sale and that polish available at the same time.  I'd rather use my money on a unique indie polish, most of the time!

Anyway, Michelle had Whimsical, a light blue base with glitters and it's similar pink counterpart, Popular, so I snagged both!  I also got my first Color Club in Hydrangea Kiss, which is a beautiful deep cornflower blue.  And, to save the best for last, I also received China Glaze's Awakening from her.  How pretty is that wine with a gold shimmer to it?  So glad I picked that one!

I realize that neither Color Club nor China Glaze are rare or hard to find, however, it is my first of both of these brands!  Two packages + two new brands + 1 new Lynn = awesome.nail.mail!!
L to R: Color Club Hydrangea Kiss, Revlon Popular, LYNNNNN (see below), Revlon Whimsical, China Glaze Awakening

I know you see that Lynnderella Snow Angel right there!!  I was able to acquire this from a swap.  I gave my Lynn Attitude Adjust-Mint and received this.  I think it was a good idea because Snow Angel will add plenty of versatility to my polish wardrobe already.  It is a light white base with white glitters of varying sizes.  It is soo pretty and I cannot wait to try it over something already light and pretty, like a lavender!

Once my June No Buy is over, one polish I *need* is a great, bright light blue base.  I need it for the base of Whimsical and also for Poseidon, a light blue holo from HITS.  Poseidon just doesn't glow enough on it's own, in my opinion, and needs a light blue base.

Can anyone recommend a good light blue polish? Please leave comments! :)


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  1. Zoya Kristen or Deborah Lippmann Let's Hear It For The Boy (on clearance on HSN!!) Or China Glaze Kinetic Candy are all good light blues :)


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