Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lynderella: Connect The Dots - My Favorite Polish EVER!

Yes, that is a pretty bold claim for a makeup and polish blogger, claiming a "favorite" and "must have" item right off the bat, but I am pretty confident about this statement.

Connect The Dots is my favorite polish ever.

I love it because it is unique and versatile, it is that special jacket or accessory that you can wear with any outfit and go anywhere, and it just always works!

Connect the Dots is made my Lynnderella and her polishes are sold through my favorite indie polish shop, Llarowe!  I wish that site had an Affiliate program, LOL.  CtD is a clear base polish with black and white glitter of all shapes and sizes.  There is also a fine silver glitter that runs throughout.  You can add this, with only 1 coat necessary, to any color and make it extra special.

Take a look!

CtD over Sally Hansen "Mellow Yellow"
CtD over UP Holo "Rosa"

CtD over Sally Hansen "Real Teal"
It goes well over solids, glitters, holos, anything you can think of!  Apply this with a stippling technique for best results and do not rub the brush on the bottle lip too much - you want the goodness ON the brush!

What do you think of CtD?  Is this a must have for your polish wardrobe?



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