Saturday, June 2, 2012

Look Of The Day: Pink Smokey Eye!

During the week, I am a mild mannered teacher and office worker.  In the office, I can do my hair and makeup however I like, but school is another story!  Since I am on the younger side for a Professor, I feel like I should look polished and professional.  Alas, to me this means no MUFE #75 neon pink eye shadow at school!  I usually do my nails in bright, crazy patterns and colors and save the neutrals for my face (most of the time ;)).

However, when the semester ends and I have a short break between classes, the neons come out to play!  Here is a smokey, pinky, fun look I did with the following:

From top to bottom:
-MUFE #75 (listed as a blush, I use it as both)
-UD Grifter from the Bamboo Palette
-Love by Ulta EyeShadow
-UD Woodstock 24-7 Waterproof Liquid Liner
And the result looked a little like this:
Mascara: Benefit's Their Real - LOVE this stuff! Separate post deserving-worthy!!
Fun, right?  Def not a safe-for-school look, in my humble opinion.

I am going to write about Benefit's Their Real alone because that stuff is simply the bomb.  It can take a woman a while to find that mascara that just DOES IT for them, and this is it for me.  My less expensive choice is Maybelline's Define-A-Lash and it's nifty rubbery brush.  This is on the more expensive side BUT not really in the world is mascaras.  I think it was $19 or $21 or so.  

Sidenote: I'll probably never do a video tutorial for a couple reasons.  1) I'm not nearly talented enough to compete w/some of the amazing people out there, and 2) I don't use brushes.  I am a happy 5 year old finger painting on her face!!!  You don't want to see that mess, trust me, but the finished product looks okay, right? 


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