Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Llarowe Mini Haul!

I looove shopporting (shopping while supporting a small business!) Llarowe.  The woman who runs it, Leah Anne, is a sweet lady, generous with giveaways and attentive to her customers.  She carries some HTF brands and some non-US brands, giving us easy access to some gorgeous brands, like HITS which is (I believe) made in Brazil and Ludurana polish, among others.  

She is also the exclusive seller of Lynnderellas, the Endangered Species of the indie world, as far as I know.  I've barely gotten into the indie world, but from all the reviews and comments I've read, Lynns are known for their performance, uniqueness, and overall amazing-ness.  I am in one polish group on Facebook (hey girls!!) and while we swap all types of polish, there is one official document JUST for Lynns.  It's that serious!!  
Llarowe Mini Haul!  Lynnderella Nosegay and Enchanted Polish  Disco Barbie
Pinks and lavenders are my weakness, so this haul was mega eye-candy to me.  I waited from January until mid-May for Nosegay and it was worth it!  Leah Anne was able to combine ship an order for me (thank you, Leah Anne!) and I got Enchanted Polish Disco Barbie also.

This was a must have for me! HOT PINK HOLO!  This is a one coat holo and an incredible formula.  I wish Enchanted made minis.  There are a few colors I would never use more than once or twice (blues and greens, I mean you) but I would buy them anyway because of this superior formula.  Below is two coats of DB and no topcoat.  Stunning, isn't it?
Disco Barbie with flash
Disco Barbie w/no flash
Nosegay means a small bouquet of flowers in French and it is a lavendar base with darker purple glitter in squares.  There is a fine silver microglitter throughout, like Connect the Dots, giving it a ridiculous 3D shine. 

This is Nosegay over Sally Hansen's Lacey Lilac.  I obviously had to own it from the name alone, but the fact that it is a lavendar makes it a must have for me anyway.
Lynn Nosegay w/Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac with a Connect the Dots accent nail!
Same as above, taken outside
What do you think of these lovelies from Llarowe???

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