Saturday, June 2, 2012

Intro Post - Hello World!

Wow!  If I had any idea that it was this easy, I would've done this a long time ago.

Welcome to My Boyfriend Hates Makeup!

My name is Lacey and I love makeup, nail polish, beauty products, and all things girly.  I plan to post Looks of the Day, How To's, polish looks, tips, and interesting photos and stories.  I like playing with new products and testing new things, especially indie products from small businesses.

I was inspired to create this blog, separate from my (currently untouched) blog, which is my more professional side, because of the polish you see below - Connect The Dots, a creation by the lovely Lynnderella.  Isn't this a unique creation?  There is more of this to come - this is where the fun stuff shall live!

Do you think we can work together??

Contact me and let's chat!



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